NavCad Network security updates

HydroComp inform of recent improvement to the network security code for NavCad, which can allow you to specify communication using the TCP/IP protocol, as well as to indicate a static IP address for the computer with the network key.

STEP 1 - download the new update

To take advantage of these improvements, you will first need to be sure that each end-user computer (client) is running the newest version of NavCad (NavCad 2004 build 5.08 or newer). You can download a full installation from:

Or, if you have already run a full installation of NavCad 2004 (or newer), you can download and run the most recent update from:

STEP 2 - modify each end-user (client) shortcut

To run NavCad under network licensing, each end-user (client) shortcut must be modified to include a command-line argument - either “/n” for general network access or “/nt” for TCP/IP (recommended). With the TCP/IP option, you can also include the static IP address of the computer hosting the network key (server). Examples are shown below:

"C:\Program Files\HydroComp\NavCad\NavCad.exe" /n

"C:\Program Files\HydroComp\NavCad\NavCad.exe" /nt

TCP/IP with sample IP addr:
"C:\Program Files\HydroComp\NavCad\NavCad.exe" /nt192.168.1.100

We believe that these improvements will provide for faster and easier network security access.

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