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Minimum hardware required: PIII 600, 800 Mb HD
Operating system(s): Windows XP and Vista 32 Bits, Windows 7 32 and 64Bits
Most recent version date & number: April 2012 , v10.0
Number of installations:






TThe MAESTRO-Wave module provides the ship designer with an integrated frequency-domain computational tool to predict the motions and wave loads of any vessel. To compute these hydrodynamic motions and loads, MAESTRO-Wave first calculates the velocity potentials, source strengths, and flow velocities at the centroids of the hydrodynamic panels for each speed, heading, and frequency requested, and then maps the source strength to the structural panels. The equations of motion are formulated using the structural mesh rather than the hydrodynamic mesh. This approach results in a perfect equilibrium for the structural model. Bending moments, shear forces and torsional moments are automatically in closure. No inertia relief and artificial loads are needed to balance the model. The computation of these hydrodynamic forces is based on 3D potential theory using the zero speed Green’s function with a speed correction parameter. A variety of visualizations and output data are available for purposes of post-processing.





The following papers provide additional information regarding the theoretical background and benefits of MAESTRO-Wave.

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