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Minimum hardware required: PIII 600, 800 Mb HD
Operating system(s): Windows XP and Vista 32 Bits, Windows 7 32 and 64Bits
Most recent version date & number: April 2012 , v10.0
Number of installations:




  NAPA/Maestro Interface


The NAPA/MAESTRO Interface (NMI) module allows the designer to import a NAPA/NAPA Steel 3D model, which includes the finite element model (geometry, scantling properties, and finite elements), loading information (longitudinal weight and bending moment distributions, tank boundary/content/fill definitions, and hydrostatic equilibrium definition), and model hierarchy definitions such as MAESTRO module group. This interface enables shorter design cycle times by using a single 3D structural design model (from NAPA) that can be re-used as the design matures and is ready for analysis in a matter of minutes.

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