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Minimum hardware required: PIII 600, 800 Mb HD
Operating system(s): Windows XP and Vista 32 Bits, Windows 7 32 and 64Bits
Most recent version date & number: April 2012 , v10.0
Number of installations:




  Extreme Load Analysis

Extreme Load Analysis

The Extreme Load Analysis (ELA) module imports unit wave load data from a hydrodynamic analysis (MAESTRO-Wave or other) via *.smn file format. It then allows the user to calculate hull girder load response RAOs, and provides the necessary short-term and long-term statistical computations to predict extreme values of the maximum loads for a given vessel. This includes the ability to define or import wave scatter diagrams, operational profiles, and wave spectra as well as compute hull girder RAOs for user-defined dominant load parameters (e.g., vertical bending moment). Finally, extreme equivalent regular waves (equivalent design waves) are internally computed and selected for assessment of extreme global loads. The user has a variety of options to add still water loads to the wave-induced wave loads and re-balance these components.

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