Design Systems & Technologies
Minimum hardware required: PIII 600, 800 Mb HD
Operating system(s): Windows XP and Vista 32 Bits, Windows 7 32 and 64Bits
Most recent version date & number: April 2012 , v10.0
Number of installations:




  Base Module

Maestro Base module

This module includes the graphical modeler for developing MAESTRO structural models and full post-processing capability.  This includes full model viewing capability and generation of loads for input to the MAESTRO Analysis/Evaluation Solver.  Post-processing includes such features as graphical display of loads, deflections, stresses, and failure evaluation results from the MAESTRO Analysis/Solver.

The two central operations of MAESTRO, analysis and evaluation, are also performed by this module.  This module completes a finite element analysis and structural integrity evaluation (failure modes and other limit states) of every member and every load case. The solver performs three integrated tasks:

  • finite element analysis to obtain the actual stresses and deflections throughout the model for all load cases.
  • calculation of the failure stresses for all relevant modes of failure, for every member and every load case.
  • a complete evaluation of the structural adequacy of every member under each load case, and thereby obtaining a rigorous assessment of the current design of the structure, which includes identifying the most critical failure mode and load case for each member.

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