The Rhino3D v3 Bonus Tools set currently incudes two different GHS Import / Export routines, and is still under development.

The "GHS Export File (*.gf)" option is not fully operational at this time, and it will not produce a valid GHS compatible geometry. DO NOT USE IT.

To save a valid GHS-compatible geometry file from a Rhino surface model, proceed as follows:

1. make sure that the surfaces you select are representative of the model, or the desired portions of the model, to be used for calculation purposes in GHS. In particular, be attentive to holes in the surfaces (which may duly or unduly affect the hydrostatics hull envelope), over-defined models (too many unnecessary surfaces), etc.
2. in the Rhino command line, type AttachGHSdata (Rhino will automatically type the command for you after only Attach), and select the desired options in the dialog.
3. once the desired sections have been generated and verified, save the GHS compatible geometry file with:
4. File / Save As, scroll to the bottom of the file formats available, and select :

(BONUS) GHS Geometry File (*.gf).

DO NOT USE THE "GHS Export File (*.gf)" option.

Download : Rhino3D bonus Tools to obtain the GHS export option

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