Non-US AutoCAD2005 mText issues.


On some occasions, the mText command does not behave as expected (ShipConstructor2005 under AutoCAD2005 non-US.

Please refer to the following notes to work around the issue :


1) Start up AutoCAD and go to the Profiles option dialog
Tools -> Options
Select the Profiles tab

2) Set the current profile to be the AutoCAD default profile.
Select <<Unnamed Profile>>
Click the "Set Current" button

3) Delete the ShipConstructor2005 profile
Select "ShipConstructor2005"
Click the "Delete" button.

4) Make a copy of the Default profile named "ShipConstructor2005"
Select <<Unnamed Profile>>
Click "Add to List.."
Name the new profile "ShipConstructor2005"

5) Set the current profile to the newly created "ShipConstructor2005
Select ShipConstructor2005
Click "Set Current"

6) Add the ShipConstructor2005 working directories
Select the "Files" tab
Select "Support File Search Path"
Click "Add.."
Click "Browse...
Select folder "C:\Program
Click "Add.."
Click "Browse...
Select folder "C:\Program Files\ShipConstructor2005\toolbars

7) Change AutoCAD option for Single-drawing compatibility mode
Select the "System" Tab
Check "Single-drawing compatibility mode" so that it is checked
Close the Options dialog.

8) Load ShipConstructor menu
Select Tools -> Customize -> Menus..
Select Browse..
Choose "C:\Program Files\ShipConstructor2005\ShipConstructor\ShipConstructor2005.mnu"
Note: If you can not see the ShipConstructor.mnu file in the above directory it is because you have the wrong file type filter on. On the bottom of the "Select Menu
File" dialog change the "Files of Type:" to "Menu Template (*.mnu)"
Click "Load"
A dialog will pop up... Select "Yes"
Click "Close"

9) Close AutoCAD and then start ShipConstructor

10) Done


If the above should not resolve the issue, please contact :

Design Systems & Technologies

Contact: Mr. Nick Danese

150, rue de Goa - 06600 Antibes


Tel +33 (0)4 92 91 13 24

Fax +33 (0)4 92 91 13 38


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