The WMG suite operates essentially by pasting commands into the GHS command line (same procedure for the the various GHS modules), and executing the command. Characters are defined by their ascii sequence. Unfortunately, operating system for different countries (generally also using different languages) often use the same ascii sequences to identify different characters.
Sometimes, this results in the wrong character being pasted to the GHS command line. For example, under a French operating system, the string:

Read z:_jobs_SUPPORÚ

will be pasted instead of

Read z:\jobs\suppor~1\vripack\030414\

Nevertheless, WMG offers the possibility to track and automatically manage this condition, via a function found in GHS Enhancer, as follows:

- launch GHS Enhancer, then go to Help/Adjust Command Characters and click on Begin

The procedure will be completed automatically, and WMG will now use the ascii sequence proper to the national operating system and paste the correct GHS characters in the GHS command line.

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