GHS Release Notes

GHS Beta-Version Update History since Version 15.50

GHS Beta-Version Update History since Version 16.00

Version 16.00A

WAIT BReak was added to break out of macros and run files for keyboard command  
entry, resuming control when the Esc key is pressed.  This is similar to WAIT  
without BREAK, except commands can be entered while waiting and names of active  
macros and non-persistent templates are displayed to help debug complicated run  

GROUND /FLOOR now supports floor files with as few as four points surrounding  
the vessel.    

GROUND /FLOOR was trapping an error for single-point stations and locking the 
floor file after "Invalid floor data" errors.    

SEAkeeping was not correctly calculating the pitch hydrostatic stiffness  
coefficient when the vessel's longitudinal center is not near zero.      

Version 16.00B    

FSMMT MAX [:Keep] subparameter was added to keep the present load instead of  
changing it to the load having maximum free surface moment.    

DISPLAY STATUS was incorrectly treating WAVE (SPECTRA) as a TROCHOID  
wave instead of as OFF (requires updated CG.EXE).      

Version 16.02   

SEAkeeping /SUMmary:[Position] [Velocity] [Acceleration] parameter was added  
to conclude the seakeeping report with the specified extreme response amplitude  
summary tables (or all summaries if just /SUMMARY is present).    

SEAkeeping /CONFidence:percent,hours parameter was added to allow computation 
of extreme response amplitudes in irregular waves by specifying a confidence  
percentage and time interval in hours.  The extreme amplitudes are computed  
for all modes and added to the Response Statistics and any Summary tables.    

SEAkeeping /GUnit parameter was added to allow accelerations to be returned  
in "g" gravitational units instead of current length units.    

SEAkeeping /DATA: REsponse subparameter was added to output a Comma-Separated  
Values (CSV) data file RESPONSE.DAT recording RAOs, response amplitudes, and  
phase angles for vessel CG and all critical points.    

SEAkeeping Response Statistics tables now include average response periods  
between zero-up-crossings and response peak values.    

SEAkeeping updated the formatting of its Response Statistics tables to reflect  
the addition of response periods and additional extreme response amplitudes.    

SEAkeeping was not correctly computing derived critical point surge and sway  
response position amplitudes when the VCG was significantly above or below  
the waterline.    

VIEW was sometimes omitting the first page header line after a plot and  
hanging on lines longer than 4000 characters (requires updated GHSVIEW.EXE).    

ENTER PM fitting of a centerline SHAPE into a non-centerline component  
was sometimes doubling stations until the geometry is written and re-read  
(requires updated PM.EXE).      

Version 16.02A    

PTYPE system variable was added to return the type of the current part in the  
format shown by the bare TYPE command (empty if multiple parts are selected).    

GROUND /FLOOR now traps an error when origin depth is undefined, just like  
for non-seafloor ground points.      

Version 16.04    

RA /LIM was sometimes failing with undefined percentage of Deck Immersion  
limit angle for asymmetric vessels having greater freeboard at 15 degrees heel  
than when upright.    

ENTER PM command SURFACE improved rendering visualization in many cases  
(requires updated PM.EXE and SE.EXE).