GHS Release Notes

GHS Beta-Version Update History since Version 12.50

GHS Beta-Version Update History since Version 13.00

Version 13.00A

GROUND command increased maximum number of ground points to 400.  Note that
excessive ground points may slow down program execution without necessarily
producing any more useful information (requires updated CG.EXE).

WPLEN system variable was returning the length of the underwater block instead
of the waterplane length for bulbous-bow vessels.

COMP /FORM was sometimes slightly undervaluing the waterplane length for
bulbous-bow vessels.

GHS command nondisplay output was not writing displacement volume correctly
using metric units.

Version 13.00B

SET operations now work correctly even when the internal command line length
exceeds the documented 10,000 maximum due to very large variable replacement.

CLEAR was not always clearing any watermark vessel graphic (since 12.98A only).

Version 13.00C

ENTER PM statement KLOCUS was not forcing linear interpolation for added
stations around knuckles in certain cases (requires updated PM.EXE).

VARIABLE and EXECUTE now work correctly with very long commands.

SET QITEM operator was removed due to redundancy with ITEM operator, which
also removes any quotes surrounding items (since 12.90B only).

TEMPLATE entry error messages were sometimes overflowing for excessive data.

Version 13.00D

ENTER PM statement LOCUS was incorrectly closing centerline components off
the centerline when the last given point is off the centerline (since 12.92
only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.00E

DIR /MACro:name [parameters] was added to skip listing to the screen, instead
listing to the named macro by executing it repeatedly, each time passing as its
final parameter the next matching file or subdirectory name in the specified
directory.  Up to 8 initial parameters can be specified after the macro name.

ENTER PM statement FIT was occasionally leaving unbound stations (requires
updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.02

ENTER PM, MC, and SE now preserve any miscellaneous-information lines included
before the first shape in the Geometry File (requires updated PM.EXE, MC.EXE,
and SE.EXE).

DISPLAY STATUS now supports wave effects for flooded tanks in all views, not
just body view.  Spurious wave effects are no longer shown for damaged tanks
in body view (requires updated CG.EXE).

WIND REPORT plot was not output correctly in DISK files with ".DAT" extension.

Version 13.02A

ENTER PM fitting and station interpolation were improved, especially at large
longitudinal locations where bad results occurred in rare cases (requires
updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.02B

CRANE module reduced the minimum permissable jib/main boom ratio from 0.5
to 0.25 to qualify for automatic knuckle angle adjustments.

LIMIT value out of range errors now show minimum or maximum allowed value.

ENTER PM station interpolation was further improved (requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.02C

TLCG, TTCG, and TVCG system variables now return the combined center of gravity
of all selected tanks, instead of undefined when more than one tank is selected.

DISPLAY, DISPLAY STATUS, and SE were showing spurious noise on horizontal lines
in rare cases (requires updated SE.EXE and CG.EXE).

Version 13.02D

DRAFT command was setting weight versus buoyancy as if no intact tanks were
present (corrected by SOLVE and any other STATUS-changing commands).

Version 13.02E

UNIT Feet and Ft are allowed for UNIT F, and UNIT Meters is allowed for UNIT M.

Version 13.04

CRANE module improved support for multiple cranes by showing any current crane
number from the BOOMNUM variable in the title of the Crane Input and Data boxes.
Also, LEw now switches the Crane Input box between "Jib Angle" and "Knuckle
Angle" when the BOOMJIB variable is changed.

DEPTH command now shows correct delta weight versus buoyancy in the header
as well as any subsequent STATUS report.

PRINT filename.PF (or opening filename.PF from the operating system) no longer
traps an error if the given filename contains a period before ".PF".

Version 13.04A

Repeated SOLVE commands under identical conditions will tend to progressively
reduce the tolerance and increase the precision of the weight versus buoyancy
solution (as was already happening for righting arm heel & trim solutions).

SE was trapping "Coordinates bad" when entered in UNITS FIS mode (since 11.12B
only; requires updated SE.EXE).

Version 13.04B

RA /SIZE plots now always extend to the full specified angle range even when
the /STOP parameter is present.

Version 13.04D

HMMT /CS and TMMT /CS no longer trap "Signs cannot differ" when the specified
moment coefficients have different signs; instead, the moment function returns
zero for all angles where the sign of the function would be reversed from its
value at zero angle.

Version 13.06

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) WRITE listindex value was added to write the specified value
to the indexed item from the configured data list, so it is available for later
transmission when using protocols that support bidirectional communication with
the new Sensor Interface (SI) module (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added Modbus serial line support for receiving single
register data using function code 6 and sending values in response to function
code 3 queries.  Record IDs given in the configuration file are the 0-based
data addresses corresponding to the holding register numbers starting at 40001.
Function code 4 queries for input register numbers starting at 30001 are also
supported, and their configured record IDs likewise subtract 40001 (for example,
register 30001 using code 4 data address 0 would configure record ID -10000).

HMMT REPORT is no longer omitted when beyond the finite range of cosine-based
heeling moment functions, so it now shows "Heeling Moment 0.00"

RA /LIM was reporting spurious failures in rare cases involving limits defined
using n%DI, n%DI0, n%FB, or HF angles.

RA /LIM was not always behaving correctly for limits using the HRA0 angle.

ADD /VA:v parameter was not working correctly using metric units.

Version 13.06A

CRANE module modified the "CRANE DATA" box when BOOMNUM variable is negative,
showing its title as "CRANE n STOWED" (where n is BOOMNUM's absolute value),
blanking out the contents of the box, and suppressing crane-related warnings.
To avoid showing a number in the "CRANE DATA" title for single-crane ships,
undefined BOOMNUM can be used for normal cranes and zero BOOMNUM when stowed.

Version 13.06B

CHDIR, EDIT, and VIEW commands were failing for paths containing ".." or "."
directory names (since 12.94 only).

Version 13.06C

CRANE module Elevation no longer can be set negative in response to a Radius
input in the "Crane Input" box.

Version 13.06D

ENTER PM statement SPACING was inserting an extra station (since 12.00 only;
requires updated PM.EXE).

spaces and tabs as separators unless appearing after other non-whitespace
characters in the $SEPCHARS list, in which case they are trimmed around field
values without acting as true separators.  Consecutive separators act together
as a single field separator unless repeated in the $SEPCHARS list.

Version 13.06E

STATUS FREEBD was not always reliable in cases where non-symmetrical components
have multiple deck edge lines (since 12.26 only).

Version 13.06G

MAXVCG /FIXDIR and /BOTHDIR no longer fail to compute maximum VCG for
off-center vessels when the angle range does not include the equilibrium heel
and it is required for limit evaluation.

Version 13.08

RUN files called from a macro were not inheriting any active module assigned
to the macro.

Version 13.08A

RUN filespec was sometimes leaving behind an empty new directory when reporting
"Path not found" for a nonexistent long filespec (since 10.90A only).

Version 13.08B

LS /LIM was incorrectly reporting "Largest Bending Moment/limit" based on the
limit with minimum absolute value when LSLIMIT MMT defined minimum and maximum
limit values having the same sign.

Version 13.08C

MC file.SHP imports were sometimes trapping an "invalid location" run-time
error when the input file contained XML tags longer than 10,000 characters
between angle brackets (requires updated MC.EXE).

READ no longer traps "unknown tank name" if a critical point data structure
specified an empty inside tank name (since 12.30C only).

Version 13.08D

LSLIMIT was trapping "Bad parameter" or otherwise misbehaving if single
limit values and pairs of ampersand-separated minimum & maximum limit values
appeared together in the same list; now a single limit value is always taken
as a negative minimum & positive maximum limit having the same absolute value.

Version 13.08E

LSLIMIT values may be given as "INFINITY" or "-INFINITY" to ignore limits
in the indicated direction at a location.

LSLIMIT TOR limits in metric units were not correctly written to SAVE files.

LS /LIM improved error reporting for negative Moment/Limit conditions.

Version 13.08G

SOLVE was allowing "Trim" in the header to temporarily overflow in rare cases.

Version 13.10

SOLVE was not working correctly when a portside component has a deck edge mark
on its final point.

Version 13.10A

DISPLAY STATUS /UPDATE now always forces an update of the synchronized
Condition Graphics window even if no waterplane or loading changes occurred.

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN:LOAD:f1[:f2] was trapping an error if followed by a slash
parameter such as /LEGEND (requires updated CG.EXE).

WIND value out of range errors now show minimum or maximum allowed value.

Version 13.10B

PART, TANK, LOAD, TYPE, REFPT, and FSMMT treat tank names ending in
"*.*" the same as if ending in "* " for backward compatibility, rather than
trapping "Invalid tank name" (since 11.66B only).

FILL was trapping "Missing or bad geometry file specification" if entered after
reading a geometry file with "Section spacing too great" (since 12.90 only).

Version 13.10C

REPORT /BOX:COLOR fancy STATUS reports were miscoloring the buoyancy section;
it has now been fixed and enhanced to show excess weight, displacement, and
righting arm values in red (since 10.92 only; requires updated RGSTYLE.DAT).

Version 13.10D

Wizard menu "My own wizards..." dialog was not always showing any *.WIZMY
wizards located in the GHS program directory.  The "Edit" button is only shown
for "My wizards" located in a library path other than the GHS program directory.

ENTER TSX was sometimes trapping "Syntax error" (since 12.82A only; requires
updated TSX.EXE).

SE was sometimes hanging while showing F1 help (requires updated SE.EXE).

SE Name command failed to query "Want to create new shape?", failed to select
existing lowercase shape names, and was sometimes hanging.

Version 13.10E

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START /LOG and /DUMP parameters take an optional
subparameter specifying the path to the log file (default GHSERIAL.LOG in
the current working directory; requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

RA /LIM:ATT limit report was sometimes showing passing "P" for attained values
slightly smaller than the minimum limit value.

RA /LIM was sometimes miscomputing the INCL limit at the starting angle
if not initially at equilibrium (since 12.84H only).

SAVE and WRITE commands were incorrectly writing LIMIT commands having negative
angle values.

Version 13.10G

MC file.SHC imports were sometimes failing due to "C" comment cards or spurious
"Station cannot be double; goes negative transversely" errors (requires updated

Version 13.12

SAVE and WRITE commands were not always preserving the GUST state and pre-ROLL
angle from before HEEL *-ROLL commands.

ENTER PM, MC, and SE no longer consider sail parts when reading the fluid
name and specific gravity of the water environment (since 12.00 only; requires
updated PM.EXE, MC.EXE, and SE.EXE).

Version 13.12A

SOLVE was not locking into zero heel for symmetric vessels in rare cases.

Version 13.12B

STAT LPLANE and HMMT WIND without /BAND were not ignoring any gaps between
off-center closed loops in centerline components when heel is present.

Version 13.12C

MB interactions were sometimes failing to write simultaneous Condition Graphics
reports (requires updated CG.EXE).

Version 13.12D

SOLVE slightly increased the tolerance before trapping "Tank volume discrepancy"
under high trim conditions.

SOLVE guards against rare spurious heel flip capsizing when heel is fixed.

Version 13.12E

TEMPLATE drop-down list fields were sometimes matching incorrectly on
non-numeric values like "S" that were empty aside from a numeric suffix.

TEMPLATE and INPUT now prevent users from entering a variable value that
itself contains a "{varname}" replacement.

Version 13.12G

NOTEs in the centered form \text\ were sometimes being incorrectly truncated
if the text contained colors or styled text marks surrounded by braces.

SPECial SYSDEC places specifies the number of decimal places (0 to 6)
returned by system variables.  SPEC SYSDEC OFF restores default behavior.

Version 13.14

COMP /SKIN was sometimes randomly producing an incomplete girth plot.

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START /LOG works for Modbus (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

Version 13.14A

COMP /SKIN plots show the modified girth curve at a reduced scale if the
maximum modified girth is at least three times the maximum actual girth
(preventing the actual girth curve from disappearing in cases where the
modified girth spikes due to vertical steps at certain locations).

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy STATUS /NOREF reports were sometimes trapping
"not enough spaces in cell" when flooded tanks were present.

Version 13.14B

ADD, CRTPT, GROUND, PULL, REFPT, THRUST, and WEIGHT commands support new
keywords PMIN and PMAX that act like MIN and MAX but only consider components
with positive effectiveness, ignoring deductions.

Version 13.14C

VIEW /WRAP parameter was added to wrap paragraphs (consecutive non-empty,
non-space-starting lines) to the window width (requires updated GHSVIEW.EXE).

LEw /HELP:helpfile parameter now wraps the viewed helpfile text.

Version 13.14D

SPECial SYSDEC places now also applies to the number of decimal places (0 to 12)
used by SET command arithmetic (the default is 5).

Version 13.16

TEMPLATE dialogs were sometimes truncating text or skipping final words when
the Dots Per Inch display setting is increased above the normal 96 DPI to make
text larger and easier to read.  This problem only occurred for TEMPLATEs using
the default /SIZE:MEDIUM or /SIZE:LARGE that is scaled to the command area
character size, so can be made large by increasing the program window width
independently of the display's DPI setting.  Note that /SIZE:SMALL matches
the menu character size, which (along with title bar size) increases with DPI.

TEMPLATE title bars were sometimes truncating their text and ending with "..."
on operating systems with wide Close Window buttons or increased DPI settings.

Version 13.16A

COMP, FL, LS, TORQUE, and WEIGHT /PROFILE parameter was sometimes omitting
end stations composed of multiple centerline points.
Version 13.16B

MAXVCG D-Spec /TRIM:t1,...,tn /NOTOL was trapping "Value out of range" instead
ignoring the /NOTOL parameter, which only applies when no D-Spec is present.

Version 13.16C

LS /NOPRINT ensures that all shear and moment limit locations are represented,
so now yields the same SHRMARG and BMMTMARG system variable values as LS /LIM.
This also applies to LEw /LS header displays, which internally do LS /NOPRINT.

Version 13.16D

PNAME system variable can now be SET directly to override the part selection
applied to system variable like PDESCR, HEIGHT, TVOLUME, etc. without affecting
the program's default PART name selection.  If PNAME is SET empty, then the
default PART selection again applies to part-related system variables.

Version 13.18

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START parameter $WRITEPLUS offset was added to configure the
behavior of CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) WRITE listindex value.  The indexed record ID
is added to any $WRITEPLUS offset to determine the ID to write and transmit.
For Modbus protocol type, the default $WRITEPLUS is -10000 to convert holding
register IDs (relative to address 40001) to input register IDs (relative to
address 30001).  When $WRITEPLUS is non-zero, $SCALE0 factor specifies the
transmission scaling factor.

Version 13.18A

LS and TORQUE commands now yield the same SHRMARG, BMMTMARG, and TORQMARG
system variable values regardless of whether /LIM and /NOPRINT parameters are
present.  When these parameters are absent, tables list at the same locations
as in earlier versions, but some reported values may vary slightly if missing
limit locations need to be considered for margin system variable computations.

Version 13.18B

SOLVE SEND commandline was trapping "Value out of range" if the commandline
contained a parameter in parentheses but was not surrounded by quotes.

Version 13.18C

TC UL:list /SOUND was misformatted and overflowing (since 11.26A only).

Version 13.18D

DAMSTAB nomenclature notes were updated in the optional trace output.

PRINT /PREVIEW was sometimes trapping "stack overflow" run-time error when
previewing sample reports from Executive wizard help (since 11.90B only).

Version 13.18E

MB was preventing RA /LIM evaluation of GM limits (since 9.22H only).  The
default RA /GM method is RA (not WPL) when MB is active.

Version 13.18G

Main program startup was not running any GHS.LF in the program directory if
missing in a separate library path directory.

Version 13.20

MAXVCG /COMPOSITE error messages have been made more descriptive.

MESSAGE SPLASH ON which causes the Executive wizard splash to appear at startup
is no longer automatically enabled after each annual update release, instead
only after installation to a new computer.  Note executive wizard startup can
be disabled using MESSAGE SPLASH OFF or from the executive wizard Help dialog.

Version 13.20A

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN @ WPlane [:BElow] shows the plan view at or below the
waterplane, with "WPL" appearing after the depth in the plan view title
(requires updated CG.EXE).

DISPLAY STATUS PLAN @ location was sometimes incorrectly showing tank contents
below the specified slice even when :BElow was not present.

Version 13.20B

LS /FRAME:ALLpoints was sometimes omitting names in the frame column,
especially when locations in the .FRA file were not in increasing order.

Version 13.22

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START added VIGO fieldbus management system support for
exchanging data stored at the listed IDs using the CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) READ
and WRITE commands.  All configured ID fields are updated every 10 seconds
or as specified by the $TIMEOUT parameter (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL and

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START parameters $PREFIX and $SUFFIX were added to apply
optional prefix and suffix strings to each record ID data item.

VARIABLE name /Color:num affects the color of TEMPLATE fields while a dialog
box is active, not just at startup.  This VARIABLE /COLOR is now used for
the background color of variable input fields disabled by the /GREY parameter
when no /BACKCOLOR is specified.

TEMPLATE /REFRESH parameter was added to refresh variable field values and
colors for all active dialog boxes.  This is useful for updating persistent
template dialogs influenced by changes made by IDLE macros or commands sent
between programs.  Since variable fields are automatically refreshed when each
IDLE macro or MESSAGE SEND command completes, TEMPLATE /REFRESH is only needed
within a lengthy macro to refresh dialog boxes immediately.

Version 13.22A

ADD and WEIGHT commands now work correctly even when the internal command line
length exceeds the documented 10,000 maximum due to a very lengthy weight
distribution list.

Version 13.24

LIMIT ABSolute RA limit type was added to apply to the absolute righting arm
disregarding any external heeling moment.  If the MAX angle appears with the
ABS RA limit type, it refers to the angle of maximum absolute righting arm.

LIMIT command added the MAX0 angle keyword for the angle of maximum absolute
righting arm.  Absolute and residual maximum RA angles cannot be combined in
the same set of LIMITs.  Note that MAX and MAX0 can be used interchangeably
with the ABS RA limit type.  Note also that if MAX is used with the RISE limit
type, it refers to MAX0 unless residual MAX angle appears in other LIMITs.

VIEW was sometimes wrapping paragraphs without /WRAP parameter present
(since 13.14C only).

ENTER PM was sometimes failing to FIT portside tanks (requires updated PM.EXE;
since 12.00 only).

Version 13.24B

LS was calculating buoyancies for DAMAGED tanks as if they were FLOODED tanks,
placing their inside levels at the waterplane instead of where pressures
equalize for their Reference Points of damage, which was sometimes trapping
"PSI ERROR - BUOYANCY DISCREPANCY" when damaged tank densities differed from
the water environment.

Version 13.24C

ENTER PM statement INBOARD was behaving inconsistenly for tuning-fork shapes
(requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.24D

MAXVCG /EXTERNAL:file values can be UNDEF for undefined or FILL for the linear
interpolation of the nearest numeric values on preceding and following lines.

PRINT plot page headers no longer double any quote marks in the vessel title.

Version 13.24E

Load Editor was not updating the specific gravity of protected tanks when
changing the tank contents.

Version 13.24G

TEMPLATE dialogs could temporarily lose track of the correct module to apply
to variable fields when an IDLE macro is active, trapping "No such variable".

Version 13.26

ADD /PED:loc[:len] parameter was added to relocate shear effects to a pedestal
at loc uniformly distributed over len (default=0).  This shear ignores the
cantilevering effects of the moment from loc to the weight weight (so a warning
appears about this in the LS output).

MB SOLVE SECONDARY:channel,p,s,r[,extraheight]... optional parameter was added
to specify extra added to secondary critical point height when comparing with
primary critical point height, which is useful when the points are separated
by lifting lines.

COMP /WETTED was sometimes provoking "invalid location" run-time errors for
components marked with deck edges (since 12.74C only).

Version 13.26A

LS inserts an extra table location immediately before point weights and moments
to show the situation before the discontinuity and plot it vertically.

END macro was not fully closing the current run file before executing the macro
when the run file was started from the operating system.

Version 13.26B

LOAD STATUS /INCH, /FID, and /FIE now show the correct Soundings unit in the
report footer.

Version 13.26C

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START /Log improved Modbus logging to show received data
after a colon along with any sent response (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

LS, TC, GHS, COMP /FORM, and other reports that draw smooth plot curves
now use linear interpolation around discontinuities to prevent distortion
(requires updated PP.EXE).

WRITE (Tanks) filespec was added to write only loading-related data except
fixed weights to a file.

DISPLAY STATUS was showing trochoidal and stokes waves with shapes correct
for double the actual wave amplitude/length ratio (requires updated CG.EXE).

Version 13.28

parameter was added to include only the indicated information for each tank;
if omitted, all tank data is written.

TWEIGHT, LOAD, etc. system variables no longer return misleading values for
DECK and PRESSURIZED tank types.

RA /FSM was not including free surface effects when computing the EQU0 angle.

Version 13.28A

TWEIGHT, TLCG, TTCG, and TVCG were using the formal instead of the actual
weight for SPILLING tanks.

TLCG, TTCG, and TVCG are now effective for all tank types, except that
negative displacing tanks are ignored if selected together with positive
tank weights.

FIXUP command was only filling stations for the first component with excessive
inter-station gaps (same as MC FIXUP).  Now FIXUP fills all problem components
using as many Model Converter fixups as necessary.

ENTER PM added CHOP AFT|FWD location command to remove the aft or forward
portion of the geometry up to the given longitudinal location (requires updated

Version 13.28B

LS /NOTable[:PLOT] optional subparameter was added to include the plot, which
is normally omitted when the tabular data is not shown.

OUTFLOW /DEPTH:depth optional parameter if omitted now correctly defaults to the
midship deck edge depth (not half-breadth) and requires deck edge to be defined.

MB command SOLVE PRIMARY traps "Spacing of interaction points X and Y differs
on secondary vessel" if the separation between critical points X and Y is more
than a centimeter different from the separation between the corresponding
critical points on an interacting secondary vessel.  Note that such inconsistent
interaction arrangements may be slow to solve and give unrealistic results.

LEw "MMT" headlight is now shown as "HMMT" for heel moment, "TMMT" for trim
moment, and "H&TMMT" for both.

Version 13.28C

ENTER PM, MC, and SE were truncating origin plane descriptions longer
than 13 characters, instead of holding the maximum 25 characters of text
(requires updated PM.EXE, MC.EXE, and SE.EXE).

Main program status header box now shows "HMMT" (not "MMT") for heel moment
to match LEw "HMMT" headlight, and omits the superfluous "MMT" indicator when
"TMMT" is shown for trim moment and no heel moment is present.

Version 13.28D

MAXVCG and VCG MAX commands added /HMAX:heel parameter to specify the maximum
allowed heel angle for quick maximum VCG display with unfrozen tank loads
present (default is 5°).

LOAD EDIT /HMAX:heel parameter was added to specify the maximum heel angle
beyond which maximum VCG is displayed as "Unknown" (default is none).

TYPE INTACT /HBL was sometimes emptying instead of keeping the flooded/damaged
volume unless SOLVE or STATUS was done.

Version 13.30

HEIGHT, TVOLUME, TLCG, etc. system variables were not showing updated values
after HEEL or TRIM changes until a SOLVE or STATUS was done.

OUTFLOW was incorrectly reporting 100% transverse side probability for tanks
extending higher than a cambered deck edge.

OUTFLOW /SPGR:density is no longer restricted between 0.74 and 1.00 spgr;
if omitted, each selected oil tank density must range between 0 and 70 °API
(1.076 to 0.70 spgr).

Version 13.30A

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC was sometimes inhibiting SOLVE error messages.

ENTER PM command FRAME "description" @ location was trapping "Missing parameter"
if spaces followed the quoted description (requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.30B

LOAD EDIT /HMAX:hmax[,hwarn] optional subparameter was added to specify the
heel angle at which green Maximum VCG and VCG Margin numbers appear in yellow
as a warning and the approximately-equal symbol is used.  Note if VCG Margin
would be should shown as red, it stays red regardless of heel angle.

MESSAGE ALTVERSION version /PREFIX:prefix parameter was added to specify a
prefix (up to 3 characters) to appear before the word "Version" in the GLM
header.  A space is inserted after the prefix if it doesn't end in a dash.

Version 13.32

ADD and WEIGHT commands added /INERTia:li,ti,vi|OFF and /BOX:l,w,h
to specify rotational inertia for fixed weight items around their own centers.
For the WEIGHT command, these parameters refer to the Light Ship inertia.
The inertia around each axis can be specified directly by /INERTIA:li,ti,vi
or all the weight's inertia (including around vessel CG) can be turned off
by /INERTIA:OFF.  Alternatively /BOX:l,w,h can give the inertia of the weight
evenly distributed over a box having the specified length, width, and height.

TINERTL, TINERTT, and TINERTV system variables were added to return the
total rotational inertia of selected intact tanks around their own centers.

GYRADL, GYRADT, and GYRADV system variables were added to return the
gyradius from all vessel weights and tank loads around the indicated CG axes.
As a safety feature, gyradius variables are undefined unless non-zero
inertia has been specified for the Light Ship and all tanks are intact.

Version 13.32A

STATUS INertia [: OWn | POint | TOtal] report parameter was added to include
an auxiliary table showing rotational inertia for all weights and intact tanks
about the vessel center of gravity.  Total weight and inertia are shown; an
additional total line shows overall gyradius around each axis if non-zero
Light Ship inertia was set by the WEIGHT command and all tanks are intact.
Only these total lines are shown if the optional TOTAL subparameter is used.
The optional OWN subparameter may be used to instead show inertia about each
item's own center of gravity, or the POINT subparameter may be used to treat
all items as point weights (requires updated RGDEF.DAT and RGSTYLE.DAT).

Version 13.32B

RA /AREA:intervals with RA, MAX, FLD, or CRT keywords now extend the angle
list if necessary to include these keyword angles; they are also considered
as requirements for the /STOP criterion to be met.

Version 13.32C

variables were undefined when the current part is a GROUP name, instead of
pertaining to the first tank in the group (since 12.88 only).

STATUS INERTIA report format was improved (requires updated RGSTYLE.DAT).

Version 13.32D

SE deleting of sounding tube points using F4 was unreliable and susceptible
to "invalid location" run-time errors (requires updated SE.EXE).
Version 13.34

COMP /VOLUME includes a separate section for any sail components, instead of
including them with container components.  COMP /TONNAGE now omits any sail

RA report shows the Displacement column with decimal places only up to 5
significant digits, with a maximum of 3 decimal places for very small vessels.

MB command SOLVE PRIMARY no longer considers vertical spacing differences when
determining whether to warn "Spacing of interaction points X and Y differs on
secondary vessel" (since 13.28B only).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START was trapping a "stack overflow" run-time error during
VIGO communications (since 13.22 only; requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

Version 13.34A

STATUS INERTIA was sometimes detecting a calculation inconsistency leading to
an "assert" run-time errror (since 13.32A only).

Version 13.34B

COMP /VOLUME and /TONNAGE both include a separate section for any SET sail
components, omitting any UNSET sails.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy DAMSTAB reports were sometimes misformatting or
trapping "not enough cells on line" when showing negative Depth next to Trim
greater than 9.99 degrees.

Version 13.34C

TEMPLATE field maximum number of characters was increased from 256 to 1024.

Version 13.36

SCREEN GRAPH watermark graphic now draws blue longitudinal and vertical axis
lines behind the vessel to indicate the baseline origin point.

DISPLAY STATUS /SYNC and LOAD EDIT /CG no longer transfer active window focus
to the synchronized Condition Graphic window, so user inputs continue to be
directed to the main program without needing to be reactivated by clicking
the main program window (requires updated CG.EXE).

Load Editor pressing Ctrl-K (or the "CG" button) now opens up a synchronized
Condition Graphic window, even when not started using LOAD EDIT /CG.

GROUND /PEN:pen,max traps an error if maximum penetration is zero, rather than
just providing a default value.

Version 13.36A

OUTFLOW matches regulation 12A.11.6 more closely by passing any oil fuel tank
that touches the outer shell plating, rather than ignoring bottom distance if the
the bottom shell is touched and ignorning side distance if the side shell is

OUTFLOW log file shows "warning" instead of "PASSED" when warning of conditions
that would have failed if overall tank capacity or distance requirements had not
been met.

SE reports input errors in a message dialog box rather than in the input field,
which was sometimes truncated and unreadable (requires updated SE.EXE).

Version 13.36B

OUTFLOW precision has been improved when determining compliance with Marpol
regulation 12A sections 6 through 8, 11.6.2, and 11.7.2.

READ /APPEND can no longer trap "Append too large for coded geometry".

Version 13.36C

HMMT /CS derivation was not appearing correctly in RA report footer notes
(since 12.86 only).

SE was not saving manually inserted DK codes nor showing deck edge lines on
shapes previously lacking deck points.  SE longer deletes other inserted
special codes when filling stations (requires updated SE.EXE).

Version 13.36D

GHSCOM plug-in for Rhino "Run GHS" button in AttachGHSData Conditions section
was not working reliably unless the master project directory was set to the
program directory.

Version 13.38

Machine ID security has been improved for certain systems with multiple network
adapters (in conjunction with updated MACHINE.EXE).

Version 13.38A

MAXVCG /LOOKUP from WRITE (MAXVCG) data was occasionally neglecting to report
the first or last Max VCG value in a table due to insignificant rounding errors.

REPORT /BOX:COLOR|BW fancy reports were sometimes misformatting MAXVCG "LIM"
columns containing 4-digit margin percentage values.

ENTER PM command PARTS was not reporting information for the curent part
selection when no parts were listed in parentheses.  TANK list was trapping
"Bad keyword" instead of replacing the current tank selection if one was
already in effect (requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.38B

STATUS INERTIA along with GYRADL, GYRADT, and GYRADV system variables now
include the inertial effects of longitudinally distributed weights.  Gyradius
calculation no longer requires that non-zero Light Ship inertia was specified
using the WEIGHT command, instead just needing all tanks to be intact.

Version 13.38C

ADD item /BOX and /INERTIA parameters were incorrectly affecting the Light Ship
(since 13.32 only).

WEIGHT REPORT was sometimes including superfluous lines with zero weight.

Version 13.38D

RA report table columns were slightly misaligned (since 13.34 only).

SE entry for READ and WRITE commands was inconsistent for long files names
that overflowed the input box, but now smoothly scrolls left and right when
the file name exceeds the size of the input box (requires updated SE.EXE).
Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right Arrow key move text cursor to previous or next word.

Version 13.38E

LS and TORQUE commands now completely ignore property table information,
no longer showing slight differences when tanks are TYPE CALIBRATED instead
of INTACT (since 9.98J only).

Version 13.40

ADD and WEIGHT commands replaced /INERTia:li,ti,vi|OFF parameter with
/GYRadius:lr,ti,vi|OFF parameter to specify the weight's radius of gyration
around its own CG (rather than its rotational inertia, which is the radius
squared times the weight).  The inertia from any longitudinal distribution is
ignored when /GYRADIUS is present.

LIMIT ANGLE AT n%EQUP[lus] < value was failing for angles less than the limit
value, unlike angles EQU and EQU0.  Angle EQUP[lus] with no prior percentage
was defaulting to -1% instead of trapping an error (since version 12.38D only).

LIMIT angle EQU0 was giving a starboard-side result in cases where it should
have been on the port side with starboard-directed ANGLES (since 8.04 only).

LIMIT ANGLE FROM EQU|EQU0|n%EQUP TO constantAngle > min uses absolute
value of EQU, EQU0, or n%EQUP for compatible behavior with similar
LIMIT ANGLE AT EQU|EQU0|n%EQUP < constantAngle.

STATUS CRTPT:BRIEF was sometimes trapping errors or otherwise failing to show
the lowest critical point with respect to the waterplane (since 8.98D only).

Main program close button pops up "OK to quit?" confirmation box that is now
centered in the program window not the whole screen.

CONTENTS GAS|KER|SEW,spgr were replacing the standard 3-letter abbreviations
for GASOLINE, KEROSENE, and SEWAGE with 4-letter versions.

ENTER PM command CONTENTS now recognizes all the same description abbreviations
as the CONTENTS command in the main program (requires updated PM.EXE).

SOLVE was sometimes hanging using GHSCOM module on machines with multiple
physical processors (since 12.80 only; requires updated GHSCORE.DLL).

Version 13.40A

LIMIT ANGLE FROM EQU|EQU0|n%EQUP TO constantAngle > min was restored to old
behavior of not using absolute value of EQU|EQU0|n%EQUP (since 13.40 only).

ENTER PM command FIT (INTERNAL) was moving point locations too far inward in
cases of negative SHELL thickness (since 12.00 only; requires updated PM.EXE).

ENTER PM statement CAMBER was not always working correctly when longitudinal
locations are specified (since 12.16B only).

Version 13.40B

FL now warns "Lengths unlimited by margin immersion at this weight &
permeability" instead of trapping "WEIGHT ERROR 1" when the weight or
permeabilty needs to be increased to generate Floodable Lengths results
(requires updated RGSTYLE.DAT).

COPY file1 file2.JPG|BMP /CONVERT /CROP:x,y,nx,ny parameter was added to crop
the output image to the given inches from left, inches from top, width, and
height (requires updated PP.EXE).

VIEW window resizing of .TXT files was causing black bars to appear at bottom
(requires updated GHSVIEW.EXE).

ENTER PM statement CONTENTS was not allowing the description string to be
enclosed in quotes (since 12.00 only; requires updated PM.EXE).

Version 13.40C

COPY file1 file2.JPG|BMP /CONVERT /DPI:n parameter was added to output the
image to the given dots per inch.  When converting from a .PPF file, the
FORM([width,]length) command mode sequence can be included to set the output
image length and optionally width precisely in inches with no margin
(requires updated PP.EXE).

ADD or BOOM /[P]LEN parameter was not removing any /PED pedestal.

Version 13.42

TEMPLATE static and button image fields added /Height:rows parameter to
specify the height of the image as a factor of rows of template text
(otherwise all pixels in the image file are shown).

ENTER PM, MC, and SE were trapping an "invalid location" run-time error for
stations without shape data (requires updated PM.EXE, MC.EXE, and SE.EXE).

Version 13.42A

TEMPLATE image field /Height:rows parameter was not scaling the image width
proportionately to the height (since 13.42 only).

DISPLAY STATUS /PRINT[:file] optional subparameter was added to print to
the specified file, regardless of whether a report file is in progress.

DISPLAY STATUS /PRINT with no report file open was failing to print (since
11.24A only; requires updated CG.EXE).

Version 13.42B

DISPLAY STATUS /PAGE%:percent parameter now works with the /PRINT parameter
regardless of whether a report file is in progress (requires updated CG.EXE).

RA reports were sometimes including output from a subsequent ADD, BOOM, COMP,
DEFLECT, ERROR, or GROUND command on the page preceding the plot.

Version 13.42C

TEMPLATE "spec" /FILE parameter was added to write the dialog contents to the
specified .BMP or .JPG file, instead of displaying to the screen.

Version 13.44

PRINT quality was greatly improved for footer logos and note IMAGEs sent
to many monochrome printers as well as when previewing to the screen in
black-and-white mode (requires updated PP.EXE).

PRINT /PREVIEW vertical scrollbar was not being shown correctly for a zoomed
single-page document (since 12.78B only).

RA was hanging in rare cases with negative THRUST.

WRITE /APPEND repeated quickly was sometimes trapping "File inaccessible"
on certain systems.

Version 13.44A

NOTE {%IMAGE("bmpfile",left,top,width,height,background[,trimdist])%} added
optional color distance for trimming margins around the image (1=white only,
n=margins must have RGB components all above 255-n; requires updated PP.EXE).
updated PP.EXE).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START parsing was improved when a configuration file is
specified (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

Version 13.44A

MB command SOLVE PRIMARY warns "Spacing of interaction points X and Y differs
on secondary vessel" using a pop-up message box if Load Editor is active or
the ERROR system variable is 0, and the tolerance for triggering this warning
was increased.

Version 13.44B

PRINT quality was further improved for footer logos and note IMAGEs sent
to monochrome printers with greyscale drivers when /BW is included to force
black-and-white printing (requires updated PP.EXE).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) STOP followed by START was sometimes causing VIGO
communications to hang (requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).

Version 13.46

ENTER PM command CHOP no longer includes that are outside the chopping range
except for a single station exactly at the aft or forward chopping location
(requires updated PM.EXE).

CUSTOM (GHSERIAL) START /Log|Dump now logs traffic for VIGO communications
(requires updated GHSERIAL.DLL).