Question QA071 :
We are currently having difficulty with the HMMT command. Please tell us how to vary the heeling moment as a function of heel.

Answer :
Here are some tips which may help you with your heeling moments.
1) The transverse heeling moment is always defined by the HMMT command.
2) It may be turned off or redefined at any time by issuing another HMMT command.
3) Whether the heeling moment varies as a function of heel depends on the parameters used with the HMMT command. For example, if the /CONST parameter is used, the heeling moment is constant for all heel angles.
4) There are several ways that you can specify heeling moments through the HMMT command:
 a) Give a value directly; e.g.: HMMT 123.4
 b) Calculate moments from the wind; e.g.: HMMT WIND
This requires that the WIND command first be used to define the wind speed or pressure. It also requires an accurate wind profile in the model.
c) Calculate moments from turning; e.g.: HMMT TURN radius speed
This requires that the turn radius and speed be given directly
with the HMMT command.
I hope this clarifies the purpose of the HMMT command.

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