Question QA067 :
I am running several damaged conditions but I am confused about the displacement in the Status command. Why is there a displacement much greater than the total weight initially set? There are no loaded tanks.

Answer :
The STATUS report shows weight in the first section and displacement in the second section. If the vessel is in equilibrium, the two totals are the same (or very close). In case of damage you will see the flooded tanks deducting from the overall displacement of the hull. You have to compare total weight with total displacement. With flooding you loose displacement in certain spaces of your hull. The STATUS report shows first the displacement of the intact hull envelope, then the deductions for the lost buoyancy in the flooded spaces. If this would be confusing to the reader, you could "turn off" this detail by means of the TOTAL subparameter:
 which would show only the total displacement. (Of course our total is less than the HULL displacement because we are adding negatives to it.)

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