Question QA020 :
Can two different vessel models be joined as in the situation where an offshore rig is being transported on a barge ?

Answer :
Yes, you can combine the contents of two Geometry Files into one, making them into one composite model. Shifting of origins and reversing the sense of the longitudinal axes (switching bow and stern, port & starboard) is also quite easy.
There is one compatibility issue to keep in mind when building the models: duplicate part names are not allowed. For example, you cannot have a part named "HULL" in both of the Geometry Files to be combined. Therefore, it would be a good idea to use something like "RIGHULL" in a model which you expect to be combining with another model which uses "HULL". Likewise, naming of tanks should be done in such a way as to assure there will be no conflict.
Here is an example of the commands needed to combine two models :

ENTER PMREAD RIG.GFREVERSE            `<--- Reverses the rig model fwd & aft, port & stbd.SHIFT 100, 0, 10   `<--- Shifts the rig model relative to the origin.`    100 m. aft, 10 m. up.READ BARGE.GFDISPLAYWRITE RIGBARGE.GFQUIT PM

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