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HydroComp’s PropElements software is featured in Nautican’s presentation on Bollard Pull Predictions during the SNAME Maritime Convention this week!


An Evaluation of Different Computational Methods for Bollard Pull Prediction


Naval architects involved with selecting or evaluating propulsion systems are often faced with making assumptions on propulsive factors which could significantly affect the outcome of their analysis. The impact of these assumptions can be further compounded if the propeller diverges from a well‐known and established series, such as the Wageningen B‐Screw or Kaplan propeller with 19A nozzle. The naval architect must then assess the confidence level of their analysis; in this case meeting a bollard pull requirement


SNAME Maritime Convention 2017, Houston, TX
Wednesday, October 25th, 3:00pm
034 Technical Session (Maneuvering/Seakeeping),
Ebony Level 4


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