It is our pleasure to announce the following change in our academic policy.  Similar terms are being negotiated with other software houses, and we strongly hope to be able to offer the same for other programs, etc. in the very near future.

We will send written confirmation of any new offers, but please check our internet page for latest news.



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Academic Policy Amendment - FAST SHIP Software

Following discussion with a number of academic entities regarding the use of Naval Architecture and Ship Construction software in teaching curriculae, Proteus Engineering and Design Systems & Technologies have agreed to offer FastShip to students actively enrolled in recognised academic institutions at the following conditions, effective immediately:

  • A "student license" will be offered to students actively enrolled in accredited academic institutions.  Actively enrolled students are those regularly attending and /or passing the normal yearly examination schedule.
  • The software is made available under a subscription agreement, renewable yearly as per the terms below.
  • Each student will be required to submit an enrolment certificate on School letter-head, each year, signed by the School, and also to sign a license agreement.
  • Students will be required to supply a postal address, an e-mail address, and proof of identity and nationality (photocopy of passport or equivalent).
  • The "student license" will be renewed every year, as long as the student remains actively enrolled, up to a maximum of 2 - 5 years depending on the length of the course of study and the year of enrolment at the time of subscription.
  • Students will be allowed to occasionally use the software in the context of commercial work (summer jobs, thesis, etc.), but they are required to submit a formal request notification in advance (an e-mail will be sufficient).  Be it clear that any abuse will entail immediate termination of the license, and will be pursued to the full extent of the law without hesitation.
  • The software will be the full commercial version.
  • The supply will consist of a CD (also containing the documentation) and hardware lock.  No paper manual will be supplied.
  • The cost of the licenses will be the 99 Euros per software seat, to be pre-paid by credit card or postal money order.
  • The software materials will be shipped to the School (please supply the name of the Professor or Director in charge of the Naval Architecture department).  There will be no shipping charges for shipments of 25 or more units.  Shipping costs will apply to orders of less than 25 units and will be pre-paid, this cost to be determined on an order-by-order basis.
  • The student will be able to download software updates from the internet, as they become available.
  • Students will have access to tech-support by email / fax from our office or that of Proteus Engineering (but not on a priority basis, commercial customers come first), and have free access to the FastShip Tech-Support chat page on the Proteus web site.
  • Upon completion of the study course, a student can purchase a commercial license of FastShip and obtain full credit for the subscription moneys already paid.

Please note that processing of orders may take several days.

DS&T personnel will be available to conduct teaching sessions at the School, terms and calendar to be agreed.

Proteus Engineering and Design Systems & Technologies reserve every right to modify the above terms, terminate a license, terminate this program or take any other appropriate action to ensure the legal and lawful use of FastShip and the protection of established commercial customers without notice.

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